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This weekend we had all sorts of weather in Adelaide.. We started Saturday morning with very thick fog and by Sunday afternoon we had glorious sun and spring warmth.. Fog would have to be one of my favorite things following snow.. but the likelihood of snow in Adelaide is pretty slim so I just enjoy the fog when it comes.. 

The coolest thing about the thick fog that surrounded our whole house this time around was being able to look out the windows (and eventually go out in it) and show the kids. Zac didn't really think anything of it but Ella found it fascinating.. the fact that she couldn't see the houses at the end of our little street that she normally sees and that our eucalyptus tree seemed to disappear into the clouds.. it was great showing her and trying to explain it all.. 

So here are a few snaps from around our house.. enjoy..

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  1. Oh WOW! Great photos :) We had a crazy fog cover where I live about a month ago.....it looks so magical...and so eerie at the same time lol.
    So sweet that Ella found it so fascinating! I too love showing my little one new & interesting things....kids can be so inquisitive which I love!
    Thanks for playing along.....have a great week!

  2. i love the pics kasia... i've been out jogging in some fog recently... at 5.40am and it's so amazing to see the street lights through the fog.. i love it... it's always so eerily quiet too... like the fog helps block out the moise too... hope you are well xxx

  3. Beauitful the pictures, I love fog!

  4. Beautiful. I heart square photos. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. We've got wild weather this weekend. You seemed to have passed it on! x

  5. We have the wind and rain here now.. and loosing massive branches off our tree.. So rainy day activities for us :)


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