the melbourne adventure..

Oh.. it seems like an eternity ago that I said goodbye to my little monkeys when dropping them off to kindy knowing that I wasn't going to see them for almost a week.. It was tough.. very tough.. especially knowing that I was not going to see them for so long, just so I could have a bit of 'me' time and to have a break from my everyday life...  and even more so that I was going to be in another state and that I was taking one of my best friends with me.. who just happens to be the best adopted auntie to my kids ever..

The doubts that go through a mums mind when she does something for herself is just crazy.. I mean I was just going to Melbourne to do a bit of shopping.. enjoy uninterrupted sleep, hot cups of coffee, warm meals and adult conversation with my best buddy.

Well I loved the trip, I loved catching up with a very old friend, I loved the coffee, food, sleep and shopping adventures and I loved the road trip to pick up an antique kitchen mixer bought on eBay and the night drive back at approximately 20km/hour through the hills where fires tore through Victoria a while back and I loved the long conversations into the night with my traveling buddy who can't just be classified as a best friend but a soul mate... 

What I loved most was realizing how blessed I am to have the life I do. I have the most amazing children, the most amazing husband and the most amazing friends right here in lil-old-Adelaide. I really don't mind cold coffee, or sleeping in odd positions in my bed so that my daughter is comfortable, or getting up to feed my 1.5yo little guy several times a night, or half eating cold meals, or rushing through the supermarket throwing in items that look mildly appealing to get out of there as fast as I can. 

I am lucky enough to not have to return to full time work and to be here for my kids, I am lucky that my kids go to a wonderful kindy that they love giving me a bit of me time each week, I am lucky to be able to spend one on one time with each of my two children once a week so that I can stay connected to where they are up to in their development and I am lucky to be able to do what I love which is create for my kids, my friends and now others. 

It is the little things that are important and I guess it was nice to realize that everything I thought I was missing out on, was really not that important to me anymore. I love what I have and I'm content.

Here is a visual of my little journey.. the things that made me smile along the way..    

view from the rooftop of our hotel

view from the rooftop of our hotel

view from the rooftop of our hotel

the number that inpired me to look at numbers..
i think it was on the wall of a little restaurant we went to. 

sunset over the cemetary we walked past whilst it was pelting down.. 

just a gorgeous pic of kids on a wall.. 

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