{oh so grateful..} for cardigans..

It's winter here in Australia.. and although not snowing and not below zero.. it's pretty darn cold. We spend a lot of time outside even during the cold months which shouldn't be an issue, provided we're all dressed appropriately. But what does 'appropriately' mean??

Well.. you see, our little princess believes that a short sleeved tee, skirt and shoes is plenty. I as a mumma have a somewhat different view. She's even got her first nickname at kindergarten 'freezer legs'.

We did have a few little battles but in the end what was the point as me winning mean she wore a jumper to the car and before she got buckled into her seat in it was off.

So, I admit defeat. I mean, whats the point... She's always warm to touch, she never gets sick and after all, I'm pretty warm blooded and hate being too hot myself.

I must admit that although I gave up fighting her, I have kept an eye out for warm alternatives to what she has. Most have been dismal failures but then.. I stumbled onto a couple super cute short sleeve cardigans which she loves. She wears them for approximately 20-30minutes before taking them off and actually looks for them when she feels a little cold.

So this week I'm grateful for cardigans!! oh so very grateful for cardigans!!! I'm also grateful for being patient with my little girl, letting her decide for herself, trusting in her to tell me if she is cold and not being an overbearing mother. I'm grateful that I can step back and see the situation for what it is.

Now I'd be super grateful if there was a cardigan type pant that she would adore as much as she does her cardigans.

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  1. I saw your link on the list and I immediately thought 'me too!'. Cardigans are the perfect thing for turning any outfit to instant warmth. And so cute too! x

  2. Your little girl must have a great metabolism to keep that heater inside her going! Cardigans are so versatile aren't they..and look good with dresses.

  3. Yep my son never liked to wear anything warm. Now 9 he still wears shorts to school. When he is cold he will be warm clothes own. I gave in with the clothes issue a long time ago. Might just their way of getting a little bit of independence who knows! l-))

  4. I have a constant battle with Miss 8 to try and get her into anything warm. Today, for instance, she is wandering around in shorts and a T'shirt. Funny that she is the only child in the house who never gets sick!
    Cardigans are one of my most favourite items of clothing, so cute and practical!
    Thanks for visiting me! xx


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