{in my studio..} spool rack..

OK.. so I keep talking about this {project studio}.. well its a project alright!! It involves a lot of steps and a lot of reshuffling of our life as it is. It involves finishing my hubby's workspace so he can move out of our back room, it will then involve me gutting out the room, re-lining it with new walls, putting in new flooring and then setting it all up. 

So needless to say its not a weekend project by any means. Its a good couple of months away, but thats ok. I have a heap of planning to do and I'm loving gathering ideas for my space. A space that will be my own. A space that will be amazing and I'll love working in. 

Pinterest has been a god send for inspiration. I've found some amazing sewing spaces and studios. Have a sneak peak at my little collection of pins if you like. 

One of the things that leaped out at me.. and I mean LEAP (like a massive bullfrog type of leap), was the wall mounted spool holder. Oh how I hate hunting around for the right colour and how I hate unstacking my current spool boxes. 

So despite the fact that my room won't be ready for me to physically hang one of these up for a while, I started hunting.. and I found this little guy. He is now on the way to my house and will get a lovely coat of white before he enters the studio. 

{available from: sewing-embroidery.com.au}
If you are on pinterest and have a little pinboard of sewing rooms.. pop your link below.. I'd love to have a sneak peek..

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  1. Oh wow - just gorgeous! I love them too and your Pinterest page is fabulous. Have you seen the spool holders that Kirsty made a while back?
    So cool :) Can't wait to see photos of your holder in your room. Good luck with the renos... (are you doing all that work yourself? You're amazing!)

  2. oh i love pinterest too! a bit addictive though! Love the look of your spool rack and am now following your pinsxx

  3. Oh I think I am in love. No matter how organised I try to keep my threads, it is always a shambles! Thanks for sharing. X

  4. Excellent! I am in so need of this!

  5. Wow wow wow! I seriously need this, my spools are all over the place. :D

  6. I just checked out your pins. We like some of the same things! Here is mine: http://pinterest.com/carmel_l_morris/craft-room-inspiration/


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