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Our little girl is now in Kindergarten and absolutely absorbing everything like a sponge. She doesn't forget a thing and the words she learns are just amazing. They're currently learning about animals and last week had an excursion to Urbrae Farm.. I seriously can't keep up with what she's learning. We have our chats in the car about what she did and how her day was and she tells me a fair bit but the detail always comes out when we are reading a book that hits on a topic she has been learning.. 

Conversation while reading an animal book.. We come across a picture of an owl..
The book read - "owls sleep during the day and fly at night"
Ella - "that means that they're nocturnal mummy"
Me - "very good Ella!! What other animal is nocturnal?"
Ella - "a possum"
Ella - "a baby horse"
Me - "why are baby horses nocturnal?"
Ella - "because they wake their mummies up"
Me - Belly Laugh.. 
Ella - "me and Zaccy are nocturnal"
Me - An even bigger belly laugh (the one that produces tears).. 
Me - "I guess that does kind of make you nocturnal, hopefully one day you won't be and mummy can get sleep.."
Zac - "My not a tunnel!"
Ella - "You are nocturnal"
Zac - getting angry now.. "MY NOT A TUNNEL!!"
This went on for a while while I was in tears laughing.. God these monkeys crack me up!!

So this week, I'm oh so grateful for my little cherubs. Their perspective on life and the fact that they can just make me laugh and laugh till I cry. 

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  1. LOL!!! LOVE it!!!! My not a tunnel!! So so true, children ARE nocturnal!
    New follower from Maxabella loves :)

  2. That's a great post :)


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