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I've been on a hunt for a doll house for my little girl for a while now and have even contemplated making one myself. No big dramas either way, but I guess what has been stopping me is the question of whether it will just be another big item in her room that will get used once in a while but mainly just take up space. We've got a little castle and a few of the Little People range buildings which do just that.. take up space. 

So when I stumbled upon this little treasure, the Eco Friendly PDF Dollhouse Pattern from a fellow Etsykids Team member, DollsAndDaydreams.. there was a huge smile on my face and finally an answer I was happy with. 

There are even printouts to decorate your house and turn it into a farmhouse, dollhouse and a school house.. So potentially you could have a whole little village. 

What I really love about this idea is that you get to teach your kids about recycling and making things yourself rather than buying a manufactured product. It gives you the chance to make something with the kiddos and gives them the chance to decorate the house themselves. Great for all ages and such a cool idea for school projects too. 

Well.. I'm off to purchase this little download and its going on the rainy day to-do-list.

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  1. Oh thank you so much Kasia, what a lovely post about my Eco Friendly Dollhouse!

    They are so much fun to make I know you'll kids will love them :) (And maybe Mum will make a few too hehehe)

    Drop by anytime,
    Take care and Happy Crafting,



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