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A few months back I received an invite from an dear old highschool friend to join a group of Positive Business Women. I din't think too much about it, but joined up because Shan is an amazing woman and friend who somehow finds the positive in all of life's little challenges. She is the owner of Missy Melly and Melly Boys and also runs her own acupuncture business and is a nurse.. all while being a mum to two beautiful twin girls and a wife to her lovely hubby. Yep, very proud to say, she's my friend!!

Little did I know what this gathering of women would turn into. In only a few short months I have gained so much knowledge, inspiration and advice from all these wonderful women who also juggle families while building a business. Some are just starting out and some are simply booming in their field. The Business are an eclectic mix of handmade clothing businesses, natural therapists, tupperware managers and even a mum who makes and sells cookie dough.

We've all became very close and share things from how to solve business dilemmas, tips on housekeeping, organisational tips and we even have a little health kick group. Its amazing what positivity can do in your everyday life and how a group of 'positivity' focussed women can help each other in so many different ways.

Each day I log in and touch base with my new buddies and each day I am grateful for my gorgeous friend Shan for starting, building and continuing such a wonderful group.

I feel extremely blessed to have met all these wonderful women and wanted to share just how they do what they do. Each week I will introduce you to a new amazing business woman and their business. There's nothing like a kicking the week off with a bit of inspiration so Monday's the day.

Be sure to pop in weekly so you too can meet these awesome women behind these businesses in the new series {a day in the life of..}.

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