{oh so grateful..} for home haircuts..

Today I'm grateful for home haircuts.. Seriously grateful!

I've been buzzing my hubbies hair since we met and I'm far from a hairdresser, but those clippers are, oh so easy!! Whoever came up with the idea of having them readily available to the unqualified public.. I LOVE YOU!!

So with a decade of haircutting up my sleeve to only one dedicated client, but still a decade, I feel quite comfortable cutting my little mans hair. He's special, in the sense that he either likes something or he doesn't. To add to his aries stubborn ways, he also is a VERY effective communicator. I shake at the though of having to take him to an actual hairdresser. So the decade of practice has came in very handy.

We now have a bit of a family hair cutting tradition. I cut the little guys hair, while my 4.5yo cuts my hubby's hair. Zaccy laughs his head off at dad being tortured and forgets about the buzzing sound around his head. OK.. so his hair is super snow blond and you can see every cut mark, making him look like a freshly shawn sheep.. but hey, its short and there were no tears.

PS.. I do tidy hubby's hair after the Ella attack and I am forever grateful for him being such a champ and being brave enough to let a 4.5yo cut loose on his head with a sharp pair of scissors. 

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Joining in with Maxabella's grateful link up over at Mira Narnie's today.. 


  1. I cut hubbys hair too, at his request. Cheap and easy.

  2. What a champ!
    I want to see photos. hehe

  3. Home haircuts are a childhood ritual! I don't dare cut my children's after the crazy fringe treatment of 2007. The photos of Max with the WORST crooked fringe EVER are a necessary reminder not to go there!! x

  4. Hi Kasia! I just finished writing a bit about being grateful myself and then came across your blog :)My daughter is only 7 months old but I can see that home hair cuts will be something added to this list in the future! Head over to http://www.backtobasicstuition.com.au/conversations-with-kate I would love you to join in the conversation!


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