{quick three..} desserts

Desserts.. OMG!! why oh why did I choose this topic the week I have started training for an 18km walk. Must tell myself that pictures are good enough for now!!

Without a doubt when it comes to sweets I like the creamy variety desserts.. so so bad for you but so so delicious and such a heavenly texture. So here are my top three..

{1} Cheesecakes
I love them!! But they need a good quality base, not too sweet cheese part and a berry of sort topping. I hate the prefabricated / mass produced ones!! I occasionally go for the chocolate types but they are generally too sweet, but I did discover one a little while back with a jaffa chocolate topping that kind of looked like the image above. So the chocolate taste was there, but it did have a citrus zing.. mmm...

{2} Ice Cream
Oh ice cream how I love thee!!! See my quick three ice cream post for details.. 

{3} Chocolate / Chocolate Fudge
Good quality chocolate, preferably swiss milk chocolate or a good dark chocolate or a homemade chocolate fudge. 

A few changes to the quick three guys.. I'm still going to do a weekly quick three post, and it will still be on a Tuesday (provided I don't get side tracked), but I've decided not to continue with the link up. If you do join in and write on the weekly topic, by all means comment below and share a link to your blog. I'd love to reading them. 


  1. Oh god yes - cheesecakes! That would be my number 1, and my number 2, probably 3 as well! MMMMMM! And it's supper time [sigh] lucky there isn't any cheesecake in the house....
    Delicious image too [drool]

  2. KASIA you naughty thing... I've been thing about Cheesecake since last Tuesday!!! I must have whined and moaned about it more than I thought cause hubby just bought a delicious cheesecake home, now I'm eating it and thinking of you! LOL


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