{oh so grateful..} for online sharing

Every day I am amazed by the incredible generosity of the online world..I have so much to say, yet feel quite speechless at the moment, so I'll use my {dot point} backup here..

Today I am grateful for:
{1} online tutorials - so much free information out there on absolutely every topic
{2} free printables - so wonderderful to see that people can share something the do so well for others to enjoy
{3} forums - I can't say I have ever been a part of one, but have heard amazing stories of support
{4} online groups - I'm part of one on facebook and I get incredible inspiration, ideas and information from like minded business ladies daily
{5} blogs - goes without saying, its just incredible to be able to read someone's story and know someone out there who you might never meet is going through the very same thing you are.

Here is a link to one tutorial (a list really) I fell in love with this week.. 10 Eco Friendly Play Kitchens..

Joining in with Maxabella Loves' Grateful Saturday.. hosted by Emily at The Beetle Shack..

{image from here}


  1. Im with you! The online world is a beautiful one!

    xo em

  2. every day and i am more and more amazed by the online world, the sharing the love. x

  3. I'm grateful for taking the leap into the online world every day! It's beyond what I ever imagined! x

  4. love the online life! and lovin that tute pictured! have a good weekend. x

  5. That tutorial featured is gorgeous. I have to say, I do love online sharing as well. What doesn't google know anyway??? If I hadn't gotten online, I would never have the amazing people I have in my life right now, that are real life friends I see all the time. Very grateful here too.


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