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So today is all about lunch.. I don't love the lunch hour, break or whatever you might call stopping to eat in the middle of the day. I get hungry about 10:30am as I eat brekky so early and I much prefer not to stop what I am doing to eat. This is probably a huge downfall in the whole, eating well thing for me. I tend to grab something out of the cupboard and keep going. I'm am trying to change my ways though.. So at this stage these are probably what I eat for dinner but really should move to lunch.

my quick three are:

{1} Shushi.. 
Without hesitation my favourite food when I go out any time after 11am. Everyone in our house doesn't go there, so anytime I am out by myself or with friends and sushi is an option, it always wins. 

{2} Nachos..
So so so incredibly bad, but so full of flavour, crunch and memories. I had quite an addiction to nachos in my uni days and they bring back a lot of memories, as well as make my taste buds dance.

{3} Focaccia.. 
Now there is a particular blend of ingredients that are a must, being: chicken, avocado, swiss cheese, sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and any other roast veggies available. I prefer an open grill version, where everything is there on display. 

Another set of ingredients that do the trick on a focaccia are; smoked salmon, sour cream, asparagus and a heap of pepper. 

So what tickles your fancy or makes your taste buds dance in the middle of the day?

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Next weeks theme will be {favourite dinner food}.. following on from lunch is dinner.. 

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