farewell 2010..

year in review in no particular order.. zaccy started walking.. fell in love with blogging.. trip to melbourne.. launch of kasiabear.. hunky spunky turned one.. lelly lou started fairy dancing.. a number of hospital visits and stays in hospital with zaccy.. lelly lou turned three.. big boy designed the second largest aquarium in south aus.. zaccy got his first set of stitches.. lelly learned to write her name.. kasiabear was featured in a number of treasuries.. zaccy started talking.. lell got married to her boyfriend at kindy.. realized our perfectly ordinary days are what matters.. got a push-mower.. lell fell in love with bindy.. zaccy started singing.. enjoyed hours of craft with the kiddos.. studied screen printing.. kasiabear was published in handmade living.. said farewell to some amazing mums group girls.. was constantly amazed at how lucky i am.. found out i was anemic.. lell got over her fear of dogs.. zaccy got his first bee sting.. was vomited on hundreds of times.. fell in love with hipstamatic.. got back into photography.. had a happy santa visit.. started a dressmaking course.. blew dandelions.. found myself again.. got an overlocker.. submersed myself in my family and fell in love with my perfectly ordinary days.. and so much much more..

but most importantly.. we laughed.. we smiled and we had a whole lot of fun..

looking forward to see what 2011 has on offer..

happy new year to each and everyone of you!!

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