tutorial.. recycled tshirt wreath..

My inspiration for this project came from numerous visits to my local fabric store.. the constant looking and popping of wreaths into my shopping basket and then putting them back as I couldn't quite justify the $30 on a wreath that didn't really portray us as a family.. 

I remembered that my hubby had some metal rings lying around in his shed from the days he used to make dream catchers so that was it.. the cogs churned and this was the result from items we had lying around the house.. 

for this project you will need:
.. an old tshirt - colour of your choice
or any scrap fabric.. i like knit fabric as it doesn't frey, but the freying factor could add a nice shabby chic feel to the wreath
.. a circle
i used a metal one we had lying around but you can either make one up from an old coat hanger or even cut out a doughnut shape from firm card or an ice cream box lid
.. a cutting tool
either a rotary cutter and mat or plain everyday scissors will suffice

cut the fabric into strips.. i cut mine 1 inch wide

cut the fabric into lengths of approximately 7 inches

fold strips in half and loop them around the circle.. 

keep going till the circle is completely filled with fabric strips.. pack as many strips as possible in so that the circle is completely covered.. 

done.. hang your wreath on the front door or anywhere you like really.. 

feel free to use this tutorial or share it with friends.. just link back to here please.. 

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