this week i'm grateful for.. my neighbours

This week was one of those mad ones that dashes past, a lot is achieved and you can see the results (thank goodness) but it just went and now there is only one little week left till the fat man comes and pays us a visit (i hope). On Thursday I did a post on "What I would like an infinite amount of..", which kinda helped me out when in the afternoon I was about to head out the door to pick Ella up from kindy. I did the norm of checking that I had my purse, phone and keys.. hold on.. where are my KEYS??? I choose to look at this moment in time as something to tell the kids when they get older and laugh about.. yea it was frustrating but hey.. it was funny too..

After an hour and a half of searching the house and going out of my mind, it was crunch time... I needed to leave NOW or kindy would be closing and Ella would start freaking out. The big boy was on the other side of town and couldn't get to her either. I then wondered over to our next door neighbours and asked if there was any way they could go and get Ella for me... and of course they did. The mum and the girls hopped into the car and came back shortly with a very excited little Ella.

Oh.. our beautiful neighbours!! We truly are fortunate to have such lovely people living right next door to us! And I don't just mean just one family... we are literally surrounded by amazing neighbours. We live on a 1200sqm kite shaped block and know all our neighbours, regularly chat, share produce, look after each others pets when holidays come around. I will write an entry just about all the amazing people one days (soon).. but for today, I'm truly grateful they are all here!!

our neighbours
i love them all!!

i was lucky last week to enjoy a cooked breakfast (while it was still hot).. today i tried to have one.. what was I thinking?? a small flock of seagulls attacked it a millisecond after it hit the table.. but i'm glad my little attackers actually ate bits of the egg rather than just demolishing it..

oh how i love you.. i don't know any kid that doesn't like watermelon.. and its just hilarious watching them eat it!!

ps.. ella found my keys the next morning in her sock drawer.. 

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  1. So glad you found the keys! And that you have such fabulous neighbours.

  2. I have found that people are only too happy to help if you just have the courage to ask. Sometimes necessity makes us reach out and it's always such a good thing. Lucky!

    Watermelon... what's not to love? My favourite! x

  3. Awww sweet photos of the kiddies and your demolished hot breakfast (yes, what were you thinking?!). I think the great neighbours goes hand in hand with large blocks... but it's just a theory I have ;) We're all on 1100-1400 blocks here and our neighbours are also very friendly and nothing is too hard, but we're not in each others' pockets, we simply do good turns for one another and it's a comfort to know we're surrounded by such gentle support. Big blocks... yes, I'm sure of it! lol.

  4. Just as well you are a good neighbour to all those neighbours...otherwise you wouldn't have got the response you did. Well done on building up good relationships!

  5. I shut the keys inside recently with the kids all waiting in the car for the trip to school. Who could I call? HELP. My dear neighbors up the road came to the rescue, not only dropping my kids off but also craftily breaking into the house to retreive the keys ( he is a builder and knows useful things about how to get into houses - slightly worrying but helpful!)


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