infinite happiness..

The other week I was asked the question.. 
"What do you wish you had an infinite amount of 
What do you wish you could provide your children with an infinite amount of?" 
All the normal things naturally flooded into my head such as health and wealth, they rattled around for a little while but neither of those would bring me nor my family true happiness.

We've gone through our doses of illnesses, especially since the birth of my little man. Although these were not the super serious, life threatening type of illnesses, they were still a little tough to get through at times. Rushing off to hospital as my little man was gasping for air and leaving my little girl at home was tough, having to spend nights at hospital hoping my little man would recover quickly and not catch anything else was tough. Taking my little girl to hospital after over two weeks of gastro and begging the doctors to do something other than just give her gastrolite was tough.

But ultimate great health is not what I wish for.. even though all those times of ill health were tough we got through them and we still smiled and laughed.

Our family is most certainly not wealthy either. My husband runs his own business and supports our family financially while I take care of the rest. We have enough money to pay off our house, eat reasonably well and put clothes on our backs. We would love to do so many things around our house but money is the barrier, we would love to take a holiday but taking time off would mean no money coming in, so money is a barrier here as well. My hubbies van is slowly disintegrating and mine desperately needs to go to a panel beater (not all my fault.. it was the verandah pole and the big rock). A tiny hatchback is kinda squishy with two kids, a pram and grocery shopping.. but there's not enough money in the budget to get a new van or upgrade to a larger car.. money is again a barrier.

But money is not what I wish for.. even though it would make our life more cosy (with a new heater), fresher (with a new airconditioner), more functional (with an office for me and a work area for hubby), more cushy (with nice soft grass rather than neatly mowed weeds that resemble grass), less leaky (with a new roof or roof restoration), homely (with freshly baked goods in an oven.. ours has crapped itself) and more visually appealing (with a bit of landscaping).

Even though we plan to do all of the above, some sooner (the oven) than others we still have fun and laugh while we run around playing a game of family grid iron tackling each-other on the prickly poor excuse of a lawn, and we get inventive as far as dinner goes.

The two things I never seem to have enough of is energy and time. My kiddo's are shocking sleepers so that bit doesn't help either, but I just want to do so much more in a day. I want to spend more time with my family, I want to have the energy to pull an all nighter like I used to in the days of university and finish all those little silly jobs, so that I can have time to just 'be' with the kids. I want to pull an all nighter  so that I can finish all the craft, sewing and design projects that are racing through my head and filling up my 'ideas lists' but never eventuating. I want to pull an all nighter so that I can cook a week's worth of healthy, nutritious and yummy dinners so that I don't have make dinner at the end of the day when the kids are tired and have their grumpy pants on.

So really the answer is simple.. 
I wish, I wish, I wish.. 
I had an infinite amount of 
so I didn't have to sleep meaning I could spend the night doing all those boring bits and spend the days with my kiddos having fun and when they are at kindy, I could just do my stuff.. 

But you know what, it doesn't work that way.. unfortunately!! 
So I guess the second on the list of infinite amount of something is... 

 love + laughter + fun
in our ordinary life

So that's it, I think I've answered my own question in the biggest round about way I could.. I love my life, I love the fun we have and I want to just keep going. We'll work towards what we want.. slowly save money to tick those expensive things off the list and we'll support each other in whatever way we can when ill health visits us. 

I just want my life with my family to be fun and make all the every day little things that need doing or that we want to do fun, because face it.. I do need sleep and sadly I can't stay up doing all those boring bits at night.. so from this day forward I choose to have fun doing them with the kiddos even if it takes five times as long to get to the final result or if the final result isn't what I initially planned.

Have a beautiful day!!

What do you wish you had an infinite amount of?

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  1. Beautiful! I'd ask for the same thing :) xxxx

  2. first thought was - absolutely, I'm for energy too. If I could just get everything I wanted to done I'd be right where I've been aiming to be.

    But thinking it through - for me its wanting to feel positive and strong all the time, regardless of how much i've achieved in a day, or how many cranky pants moments we've come out of intact. When I'm positive the energy is just there, but when I'm feeling down, that
    energy deserts me and it can be hard to rise above it all and get it back.
    So, the ability to always see the bright side, and revel in it xxxx
    Love Luminous

  3. Great post - I can completely relate and had a very similar theme ready in my head for my post today too. Hope you day today is filled with lots of fun! ♥

  4. you are one of a kind. Love your blog and all your wisdom. x

  5. i wish i had a infinite amount of time too but then id have to take over the world :)


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