{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

Another weekend now over.. we had a nice assortment of weather ranging from hot hot hot to muggy to showers to downpours to quite a chilly night.. I'm not a lover of HOT weather and especially when its muggy so I tried to pack the weekend full of things to take my mind off the heat..

Here is a point+shoot edition of our weekend adventures..

the little girl who was once terrified of dogs.. 

a visit to the west end brewery christmas display..

more of the brewery chrissy display.. 

it was hot.. what better way to cool off then in the nud in a clam shell.. 

my little picasso.. decorating the temporary outdoor partition with chalk.. 

i'm not tired mum.. i don't want to sleep.. sucker!!

weekly family concert for mumma.. xx

mummy found cherry dr pepper in our local foodland...
mmmm.. i normally don't give into fizzies..
but cherry dr pepper.. come on.. 

mums group christmas party.. love my mummy group girls!!

the kiddo's at the party.. 

zaccy made a new friend.. 

love sleeping feet.. they're so peaceful and quiet.. 
have a sneak peak into some other weekends here.. 
more point+shoot weekend pics here.. 


  1. GREAT pics! looks like a Fab weekend!

  2. Awww I love all your pics this week Kasia! Are they on hipsmatic on the iphone? Looks like you had another event-filled, lovely weekend!
    P.S. I love little sleeping feet too :)

  3. Thanks girls!!
    Claire.. They're a mix of filters on two different iPhone apps :)

  4. Great pics! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend.

    Have a great week :)

  5. I have been on the look out for Dr Pepper for a loooong time! :D

    Great pictures this week! x


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