point + shoot.. {week-a-boo}

Ahhh... filled with contentment.. one of those gorgeous, perfectly balanced weekends crammed to the brim with goodness... 

Saturday involved the kids childcare centre christmas party which included face painting, hot cinnamon doughnuts in abstract shapes which were so super delish.. mmm I can smell that sugary cinnamon smell in my memory now.. The kids got to bounce on a bouncy castle, play with their friends, got a little book each from santa's helpers.. and mummy stocked up on some cakes from the cake stall..

We then headed over to a friends house who was hosting an open house for last minute body shop chrissy orders.. so mummy ordered some goodies for herself.. pure indulgence. The kids got to play with their friends and I got to have a coffee and chat.. Lovely!!

Sunday started off bright and early as we headed into the city to my favourite cafe in Adelaide for a birthday brekkie for uncleW. A HOT brekkie.. oh my!! We played for a bit in the parklands afterwards and then back home for the little mans rest..

The weekend was topped off with a visit from auntieG with Zaccy's best pal and now pal(S) Cisco and Bandit.. There is something just amazingly special about watching kids and dogs play together.. and even more heartwarming for me, is seeing my little girl no longer afraid of dogs.. I miss my big fury boy that we had to give away because of her fears, but its very comforting to know that one day we'll have a dog of our own again and both the kids will love him and he can truly be part of the family.  

Here is a few little snaps from our trip to the big smoke on sunday...

playing along with


  1. Awesome AWESOME photos Kasia! Are they on your phone or camera? Hipsmatic on the iPhone?
    Your weekend does sound blissfully crammed with fun! Yum, that muffin looks so damn good :)
    Have a great week!

  2. thanks claire..
    too busy to lug my camera at the moment so most pics lately have been on the iPhone.. the ones this week are hipstamatic.. but i use 3 different apps and sometimes blend the filters between them...


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