{oh so grateful..} for documentaries..

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A number of years before we had kids we started a collection of dvd's and a good portion of these were sets of documentaries predominantly about wildlife. They sat there still in their packaging and were the only dvd's that weren't stolen when we got broken into..

A few months back I did a huge clean-out and de-clutter and the DVDs were taking up too much space as far as I was concerned. I bought a couple of dvd albums (kind of like photo albums but for dvd's) and got rid of all the cases.. I figured if they're too hard to get to.. There'll never be opened not to mention watched.

It took about two days for the little man to find them and since that day, they are on continuous rotation. All he wants to watch is animals and predominantly snakes.. We've had a number of battles between the munchkins as Ella is somewhat frightened of the life in the wild and especially snakes, but she's getting used to them slowly. She kind of hasn't been left with much of a choice really.

It's truly phenomenal how much kids absorb from that box.. Seriously they both know so much about animals it just makes my jaw drop.

So this week I'm oh so grateful for documentaries.. I'm grateful that we build up a massive collection when we had spare cash and I'm grateful that the mongrels that broke into our house way back then left the doco's behind. I'm also grateful that my kids don't know commercial tv and are happy to stick to dvd's and abc4kids..

This week I'm also grateful for my gorgeous hubby who bought me a bunch of tulips, just because. I'm grateful that I managed to focus and finish all the new designs for my t-shirt range and got them to the photographer for a photoshoot this weekend.

And lastly I'm grateful for the opportunity to give my lovely readers 3 double passes to the Organic Expo & Green Show in Sydney.. ps.. don't forget to enter if you'd like to go..

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  1. oh these will be such a good resource! I have a friend who has a phenomenal knowledge of obscure facts about animals ranging from the teeny tiny monkeys that live on the stems above the forest canopy, to whales - from receiving a David Attenborough box set when he was 5 or 6. He's 24 now..

    thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment! hope you have a relaxing weekend and enjoy your tulips! x

  2. We love them here at our place too. We have 'Life' on high rotation. I've always loved animal docos and now my children do too. The artistry and photography are also starting to be meaningful to them. x

  3. PS - Ten Apples Up On Top was a fave for me as a kid that I forgot about. Thanks for the reminder! x

  4. Oh i love tulips, what a sweet hubby! hope your having a lovely weekend :)

  5. I know those sort of documentaries and my children love them and learn from them too

  6. Kasia, on our previous Foxtel IQ we had a bunch of Meerkat Manor shows recorded. Eli watched them over and over, loved their big personalities and fast running {he laughed hardest during the tribal fights which is a bit worrying}. Since they all got deleted and now the show is not on TV we haven't really watched any more animal shows... you've given me a great idea and inspired me to go any buy a couple of docos... top of the list will be Meerkat Manor!!


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