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My name is Kasia and I'm addicted to DIY.. there.. I've said it!! No seriously, I am! It's on the verge of annoying to say the least. I've tackled projects that I really had no business doing, but I managed to fumble my way through them, the end result was great and I saved us a heap of money. Hence I just keep on doing things that I really have no business doing.

I made my dog a kennel, renovated the bathroom, repainted the house, paved, painted the gutters plus an abundance of little things. Every-time I see something in the shops there is a little lightbulb that goes on and a little voice that says "you could do this.. and you could do it for a lot less than that". So another project is added to the list of things to do.

I have my own set of tools which I keep meaning to spray paint pink {and I really hate pink} to stop my hubby taking off with them. I just love the fact that my kids see me doing all these things and don't categorise certain jobs according to gender. They call the shed "mums shed" and if they need something fixed they usually come to me first.

So getting to the quick three.. I've picked my three according to things I want to make in the near future that I've seen around on pinterest that just popped out at me..

{1} the daily system.. from pottery barn

I just looove the look of this little space. I have a few spots around our kitchen with a magnet board, pin board, chalkboard and hanging clip boards, but I think I really need to dedicate a wall and do something like this, so its all in one space and its the place to go to for everything..

{2} a stone alphabet.. from here.. 

I'm always on the lookout for cool things to make with the kiddos. I like LOVE the fact that Ella comes to me when she likes the look of something and says "mummy can we make this" or "mummy can you make me a dress/skirt like this" or "mummy can you print me a fairy t-shirt", instead of just asking for the item itself. It just melts my heart. It is time consuming and somewhat crazy at times, as my kiddos are just over 2 and 4 and I seem to take on projects aimed at a much older age group with them, but they love it!! AND I love the results of handmade items around our home. So this little stone alphabet is on the to do list these school holidays.

{3} utensil holders.. from sewmanyways..

This is simply genius!! I always grab a heap of paint swatches on our visit to bunnings (and we're there quite often). We use them to punch shapes out of and then the kids do collages with the shapes. They are just fantastic but this is just genius!! I don't have a party coming up but when time allows I'll start making up some of these for any occasions where we are having guest over and I use disposable cutlery.. How cute would these look in greens and browns with the new eco friendly bamboo utensils??

So what diy projects have you tackled of late or are on your to tackle list?? 

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  1. to quote you :
    "My name is Dee and I'm addicted to DIY....."
    I love this post ! Had so many things i wanted to list - was tough to list just 3 !
    LOVE your list - those alphabet stones especially.
    Hope you are having a great week, Dee x

  2. How oh how did I miss this post! Me too:

    "My name is Carly and I'm addicted to DIY....."

    I might be late, but I'd certainly going to do this post soon and link up!

  3. I might just have to steal that paint swatch idea, too!! LOVE


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