{oh so grateful..} for blue skies..

We've had another week of sickness in the house this week.. BUT the little guy was tough, took his ventolin without much of a fuss and we didn't have to spend any time in the hospital..

So this week I'm oh so grateful for;
• a brave little guy who is starting to understand about working with us instead of fighting us..
• blue skies and warmer weather..
• our little herb garden which is really taking off with this glorious sun..
• committing to doing what I love.. I have received some amazing news for Kasiabear this week which I can't wait to share..

Joining in with Maxabella Loves..


  1. Lots of grateful there Kasia. Glad your little man is looking after himself. Hmmm, I really need to get motivated about my vegie/herb garden don't I! You're look fabulous and lush.
    And there you go again teasing us.... I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to hear what this fabulous news is - excited for you xx

  2. Hi, I've been using some great essential oils and they have an oil that will help your little boy.

    Please read the following:
    - you will need to copy and paste the link.

    To find out more, please visit:

    I'm new at posting, please bare with me. I felt that I had something I could offer you so hope you don't mind. I can be contacted thru the above site.


  3. Lovely grateful post.......hope your little man has a much better week this week.

  4. i'm so grateful he's doing better... love you xxxx

  5. It's so tough when they are sick and scared, but I guess it does get easier as they get older and take it in their stride. I hope he is okay. x


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