{snippets..} goodbye tippy toes..

Today started off like a pretty run-of-the-mill sort of day. My little girl had a craft/dance morning at the fairy shop with her bestie, then we went out to lunch to our favourite cafe.

A couple of years back Ella received a 'Bella Dancerella - Tap is a Snap' DVD from the girls next door. This DVD has had her glued to the TV each time it's on. She has watched it with incredible concentration and has taken in each and every word, dance move and step. So needless to say, when her teacher offered to move her up to the 5+ age group to do tap next term, I jumped at the opportunity.

Next week is the beginning of a new term and also the start of tap dancing lessons. So following lunch we headed to the dance shop to pick out a brand spanking new pair of tap-dancing shoes.

This dance world is a a whole new thing to me. I can vaguely recall a dance lesson when I was young, but it is a vague memory and that's as far as it goes. I never had an inclination to dance nor do I now, but watching my little girl dance is just beautiful, its something else.

As soon as we got home the itty bitty tap shoes were on her feet and stayed on till bath time. I think the DVD went all the way through three times and my little girl danced and tapped away to the music.

So goodbye tippy toes for now and hello tappy toes.

PS.. if you have any idea where to get more tap dvd's aimed at 4-5 year olds.. I'd love to know.

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