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Oh how I love lists and Oh how I have too many going at any one point. Seriously though, I couldn't imagine running my life without lists. As I mentioned in a couple of posts I have a few little stations around the house with various lists and they really do need to get moved and organised into one central location, but I operate on lists and on ticking them off.

So to jump straight into it.. these are my 3 major lists that I live by:

{1} the shopping list..
I have a little silver cash-register-roll holder that I stumbled across in a magazine a decade or so ago, and my bro kindly hunted down for me, as back then things weren't as easy to obtain online. It lives stuck to the fridge and is absolutely awesome as its so handy to add items to and then just rip off the section with the list and take to the supermarket.

{2} to do right now..
I have two glass boards, one for home and one for work that I scribble things on with a chalk pen. Super easy to add things to and rub clean so those to-do's seem to always get done as they sort of glare at me if they don't.

{3} ideas book..
To keep all my ideas in one place, I have a gorgeous book that is very compact and travels with me pretty much everywhere. I write everything in there from ideas for my business to ideas for home, craft and jot down websites I love.. seriously everything.

{image source: life's a journal}
Now this little list... I found it a little while back and have started using it, and so far, it seems to be working like a dream. I try and fill it out the night before so I know what's coming up the next day. I tried calendars and diaries but I just forget to look into them, so this might just be my answer. I've actually made my own smaller version that is easy to slip into my bag or pocket, but it has pretty much the same info on it. It even has a water count which is something I always, always, always forget to do.

So what lists to do you live by? Any ideas on what to add to this super list?

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Next weeks theme will be {child friendly dinners}.. This is purely for my sanity. I need to spend the time to have a look and try out some new recipes as I'm getting really, really bored of cooking the same food over and over again... I'd love to hear about what your kids favourite meals are or some links to recipes online.. 

See you next week..

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  1. Hi, my name is Carly and I'm a list-a-holic!
    I have the same three lists existing in my house although of late they are scattered and disorganised {you know when you are in trouble when you need lists of lists, or the same list written in 5 different places}. Maybe if my book was more gorgeous I'd have it with me more often! LOL Need to organise my organising! ;) Do love that "Lifes a Journal" planner and totally going to take that!


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