{oh so grateful..} for wet wipes..

Since having babies I've discovered wet wipes.. I knew they existed before those days but never did I realise how truly amazing they are. Their obvious purpose is ample to give thanks to the person who thought of them along with the person who invented disposable diapers.. but there are just absolute endless uses I have for them.

I wipe grubby hands when we are out, clean the dashboard and inside of my car when waiting at traffic lights, I wipe the table, highchair, floor, toilet seat and the list goes on and on. We have a box in the little mans room, one in my bag, in the toilet, kitchen and one in the car. I am conscious of the environment and do try to use them sparingly.. but they are just so amazingly handy!!

Joining in with Maxabella Loves.. pop past and check out some other fab grateful post..

{wipes case cover from: creative cuteness on etsy}


  1. I love this post! Being grateful for the everyday things - love it! Happy Weekend, Dee x

  2. I've said this 100 time over Kasia, they are brilliant aren't they. They clean stainless steal nicely too {kettle, toaster, over, dishwasher, bin, fridge, anything silver in the kitchen!}

  3. Thank you for using my wipes case!!! Maybe your viewers will check my shop on etsy out ;) CREATIVECUTENESS!

  4. Wipes are amazing aren't they?? I use them for apot cleaning the carpet too (heavens know whats in them??)
    have a great weekend

  5. Absolutely.
    They remove make up from clothing too.
    Clean shoes up brilliantly, make toilet training that bit less feral...
    Great grateful!

  6. Amen! Oh how I love wet wipes! There is a brand you can buy that is eco-friendlier than the rest, but I've only seen it on the shelves and never taken that long a look at them because we buy the one kind all the time. But I too use them for practically everything!

  7. I still have a pack on the go at all times and my babies have all been out of nappies for well over a year. I think I will always be in the baby aisle to get them!

    And they are the BEST makeup remover ever. x

  8. There is nothing they can't do!! Nothing. I am now physically unable to leave the house without them....it's a bit of a crutch, actually. :)

  9. Wipes are so versatile, although I often wonder with all their greatness of power and what they can remove, oh those poor little beehinds! lol :) hehehehe :-)

  10. I'm with Maxabella. My kids don't use them anymore either, but I still keep them in my bag and in the house - they are so useful!


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