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Today I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Claire from Scissors Paper Rock. I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Claire on a little project, using one of her prints that I fell in love with and has a special place on my wall and putting this image on a tee. It's the Live Laugh Love tee.. more about it soon.. but firstly, here's Claire's day.. 

No 2 days during each week are the same for me....which is good in some ways, as it keeps things interesting....but also a little chaotic at times :)

If you had asked me a few weeks ago, what my average day looked like; it would contain Daycare drop-offs & pick-ups and big hours working {Primary School Teacher} 3 days a week plus working on Scissors Paper Rock at nights...with EVERYTHING else then crammed into the other few days! But now...at almost 38weeks pregnant, I am on Maternity Leave from teaching, a little slower with my energy & routine :) yet also able to put a lot more time into {1} being a Mum! and {2} Scissors Paper Rock.......which I LOVE & feel most in control!

I've randomly chosen an 'average' Monday for this feature :)

Sometime between 6am & 6:30am I am woken by an energetic little 3yr old {Ella} and we begin our day. She enjoys a milk or juice whilst I savour my morning coffee {tea whilst I've been pregnant}. She watches some kid's shows on TV, while I sit next to her on the couch, checking my Facebook, emails & do some blog reading. This is when I email the Print Shop with any orders I need printed. I love this early quiet time....snuggled up with my girl :)

I then prepare breakfast for Ella & I. She sits up & eats it {while I eat mine on the go as I start to do some housework....is that naughty??}. Hubby usually wakes & arises at this time. He then heads off for a run/swim/bike-ride...then straight off to work.

While Ella eats & plays independently {finally got her at that stage/age}, I do the housework. On Mondays & Thursdays I do a 'bigger' clean {vacuuming, mopping, bathrooms, change sheets etc} but every morning the clean up consists of; put a load of washing on, unstack the dishwasher & clean up kitchen, make beds & tidy rooms, fold & put all clean washing from previous day away, hang wet washing out, do a quick dash around & attend to anything that needs doing {mop toilet floor, tidy up toys etc etc}. I then shower & get dressed. Get Ella cleaned up & also dressed. 

We always head out & about mid morning. Sometimes we meet up with friends at a park. Or we go to the beach, the library, the duck pond, the local strawberry farm, an indoor playground, the local swimming pool, find a new park we've never been to before or a have coffee & a browse through a shopping centre. We may just go for a walk or a bike ride around our suburb.....or Ella's favourite "a nature walk". 

On the way home, we stop at the 'Print Shop' to pick up my recent orders, then head to the post office to send them off. And this is when we run any other errands that are the 'to do' list for the day.

We head home for lunch. Ella no longer has a day nap, but this is when she'll have some 'quiet time'...watching a movie or reading books. I use this time to reply to emails, photograph any new prints, update Scissors Paper Rock's stores/Facebook page/twitter etc. I work on any custom print designs or invitations.

I then do some one-on-one play time with Ella. We do puzzles, art n craft, sometimes bake, play out in the back yard, read books, play on the iPad, do some basic learning activities such as drawing, fine motor skills or sounds {phonics}. We listen to music & dance, we play Barbies or Dolls or with playdough. Sometimes we walk up to the local park for a play {depending if we did that in the morning or not}. 

I get the dry washing in and start to prepare dinner {if I didn't prepare a slow-cooker meal that morning} at about 5pm. 

Hubby gets home usually around 5:30pm {he works for himself, so this time varies from day to day}. We eat dinner between 5:30 & 6pm. I then clean up the kitchen, stack the dishwasher, run the bath. Ella baths while I shower.

Ella 'hangs' out with Hubby & they play on the computer/iPad or do puzzles or watch TV together, whilst I put the dishwasher on & clean up the bathroom.

I then read books to Ella in bed & aim to have her asleep by 7:15pm!

This is when I do another quick tidy up the house, have a cup of tea {or a sneaky dessert of some sort} & catch up on any Scissors Paper Rock emails/orders/designs etc. I usually blog at night too & upload any photos from the day.
Hubby & I will then watch some TV & then take our sleepy bodies off to bed at about 10pm. 

Other days of the week consist of a similar routine but with a dash of ballet lessons, daycare, catching up with family & friends, appointments etc.....as I said; no 2 days seem to be the exact same here :) And I'm sure I will have to find a new 'groove' and routine when Bub arrives...but for now, this is what works best for me & my family!

Life is exhausting.....but beautiful :)

Thank you for sharing Claire!! Here are some of Claire's gorgeous prints and all her contact info..

And lastly... but most certainly not least.. Claire is giving away a free mini Live Laugh Love print with any Live Laugh Love tee or onesie sold till the end of October. So why not head on over to the website and have a look. These would make a gorgeous Christmas Gift, both the tees and the prints!! The print will automatically be included with your order, but you can jot down a reminder for me in the notes section when checking out. 

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