{a day in the life of..} Suzanne Leonard from Luminous Life Kinesiology

The concept for Luminous Life was created from the idea that everyone deserves to reach their full potential in life - whatever they choose that to be.

For every person this is different - some of us want to help others, some of us want to achieve great things in sport, or at work, some of us want to simply relax and enjoy the things around us. Whatever you would like to do in your life - we believe its possible! It may seem hard sometimes, and trust me; we've all been there. But ultimately, we believe that if you can clear away any obstacles in your path you will achieve all the things you dream of, and even more.

Luminous Life's philosophy is built on the understanding that we create the life we live. So if there are obstacles, we can learn to release them, even when they seem insurmountable.

Kinesiology is one tool that helps to clear these obstacles, and travel forward to the life we really want to lead - a luminous life.

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The luminous kinesiology room in Stirling, SA
So here is Suzanne's day..

6:15am alarm goes off: prise my eyes open enough to find the ovulation thermometer on the bedside table and then, if I'm really lucky, put it in my mouth without waking myself up with some kind of bizarre stabbing.

6:30am realise I'm still in bed, probably with thermometer hanging out of my mouth (attractively of course), and slowly navigate my way out from under my almost conscious, impossibly heavy and angular (knees and elbows simultaneously sticking into me) 4 yr old WITHOUT waking her.

6:40am try again to navigate my way out from under aforementioned almost conscious 4yr old, who now has fistful of my hair (in her sleep) unconsciously trying to keep me nearby until she is ready to wake up.  Wondering just when exactly she arrived in my bed anyway???

6:45am sit on floor collecting my thoughts as I realise I've managed to escape Houdini-like from octopus girl, whom I should also mention at this point, is impossibly cute and loveable.

6:47am decide whether to go for a walk, or attempt Zumba in the lounge room in vague attempt to get fit.

6:50am decide Zumba is safer as have spent soooo long getting out of bed that my walk would need to be a quick sprint to allow me to get home before hubby has to leave for work.  At least this way, if Impossible Cuteness sleeps in I can squeeze in some extra time sweating to a barely audible (try not to wake Cuteness) Zumba.

7:30am after happily sweating away for at least 30 mins, and breathily (but of course somehow very sexily) waving goodbye to hubby on his way out the door, frantically realise that Cuteness will be awake any minute and I haven't yet made breakfast, let alone lunch, and Oh Sh@t, forgot to put out the washing before bed last night, so now have to frantically blow dry some undies with the hair dryer.

7:35am Yells of "mummy" from the bedroom: More panicking sets in…how did I get so distracted exercising (this has NEVER happened before – normally I'm watching the clock willing it to be over so I can open the choc biscuits without feeling guilty).  Now I have to multi task – something I SWEAR I was GREAT at before Impossible Cuteness descended into my life – spend quality time with my Cuteness, whilst sneakily getting her dressed in those now dried undies and somehow allowing her to choose her own clothes without actually letting her out the house in the woolly leggings and layer upon layer of summer dresses that she wants to wear to school today.  Oh, wait, did I say school….No Mummy, I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL.

7:50am Managed to avoid the whole going to school conversation, and decided upon a boiled egg and pencils/soldiers for breakfast (an all time fav as next to no preparation and can make lunches while egg is cooking).  Very glad to have loads of leftovers from a party the day before – making lunches easy and creative all at the same time.  Am starting to feel speedy and back on track again ☺

8:00am Wow, I've managed to actually have us sitting down to eat breakfast together with minimum effort – would be feeling like supermum, but only one of us has clothes on (I'll leave that to your imagination).

8:20am UhOh, time has gotten away again….stand at kitchen counter taking what feels like a truckload of vitamins (thanks to my lovely naturopath who is helping me get fit and healthy again).  Race off to have the world's fastest shower, using the time to plan what to wear today and wish I was one of those organised people who planned the night before).

8:25am Race out of shower so fast that I air dry (who has time for a towel?!), and discover Impossible Cuteness is digging in the backyard looking for the bug she caught last week at school and brought home to our house to breed (where does a 4 yr old learn about breeding??) 

8:30am recommence negotiations about going to preschool.  Trying to be positive and patient, don't want to create a "thing" about school whilst we're still at preschool stage….but inwardly starting to panic again as have a client to get to and a long drive fraught with semitrailers and scarily slow drivers designed to induce roadrage

8:40am Ok, so we're all dressed, but Impossible Cuteness has disappeared again – this time to the toilet.  Uh Oh, its going to be a long wait.

8:50am standing semi-patiently on one foot, holding ESR points (special kinesiology trick that is a must have for all mums), to enable remaining calm in the face of running late for not only school, but work as well, due to the world's longest bathroom break. Make mental note to enforce more water into Impossible Cuteness' diet.

8:55am finally in car with assortment of laptop bags, lunch bags, school bags, library bags, coats, umbrellas….plus a helium balloon for show and tell, food for the rabbits and some leftover party cupcakes to share at school (a "mummy's on a detox so don't allow sugar anywhere nearby strategy").

9:25am having battled semi trailers and assorted nana-drivers, played countless games of "I Spy – 4 yr old version",  seen how far we can count before mummy goes insane finds something else educational and meaningful to distract on the long car trip with, we arrive at school, only 10 minutes late.

9:45am Miraculously, Impossible Cuteness is happy to wave goodbye, busy feeding the rabbits with radish leaves mummy is now VERY pleased to have juggled out to the car this morning on top of the laptop bag (even though I realise later than one has somehow made it into my hair, and not one single person at school, the local café or the queue at the ATM was brave enough to mention – ok…so maybe I always look this scary in the morning).

9:50am pull up at local favourite café to buy quick celebratory coffee before starting work (after all – did manage to do Zumba, make a healthy lunch for all, including rabbits, get to school intact, altho a little late, with no tears from anyone), before realising have a completely empty purse, having left the last of the weekly budget cash in dressing gown pocket.  Quick sob, then after remembering that first client appointment of the day has been rescheduled, justification to drive to next suburb to go to ATM and buy coffee – totally justified, right, besides, surely one coffee won't kill the detox (especially considering the party food that must've done way more damage yesterday)?

10:20am OMG did I really waste 30 mins on a roadtrip to buy coffee that I'm not even meant to be drinking on this detox?  Try not to calculate the amount of money lost in not working (I get paid by the hour after all).  Rush up to my office. Start work.

10:45am Remote balance for client –yes, this is as weird as it sounds.  

11:45am Having a wonderful time working on a client, but getting a little confused trying to look up complicated neurochemical pathways on medical websites on the iPhone!!  Note to self – MUST get proper internet connection at work as soon as can afford.  Why oh why doesn't the standard Anatomy and Physiology text book (that I paid a fortune for) not have this info in it when I need it?  Wondering if other kinesiologists have such complex (altho fascinating and wonderful) clients.

12:45pm Finished session for client.  Feeling very proud as was very detailed and complex and hopefully will produce wonderful results.  Email balance notes to client.  Fill in timesheet and realise that even though Impossible Cuteness has been at school since 9:15 (well, could've been at school by then if we'd moved a little faster in the morning), and its now almost 1pm, I have actually only worked 1 billable hour.  Determined to power through corporate consulting work for rest of morning (no other kinesi clients today).

1:00pm Landlord/neighbour at work pops in for chat – lovely and useful (after all, I do need to let her know that the toilet's running again) but not billable.  

1:15pm OK…focus…get some billable work done

1:20pm phone call from complete stranger wanting me to help with her homework??!!  Hmm…was that for real?  I should mention here, this was a grown woman, not a teenager who wouldn't know where else to get the information from. Considering being nice/potential marketing opportunity/knowledge sharing versus possible hoax/more non-billable time spent if I do help.  Asked her to email so that I had time to consider.

1:30pm  OK….focus…get some billable work done

1:35pm Can't focus…oh yeah…need to eat lunch.

1:36pm focus and eat at same time – love working for myself, own office, no-one can see me spill pasta salad on my keyboard.  Ooops…that's right….keyboard doesn't work so well when sticky.

1:45pm  Clean keyboard, focussed and being productive.  Go girl.

2:00pm Unsolicited phone call from telemarketer with vaguely interesting proposition.  Not quite sure exactly what she means (something about Google marketing), but actually does sound reasonable so spend a little time trying to understand and deciding whether worth paying attention.

2:15pm Trying to get off the phone now….trying not to be rude…trying to packup office whilst on phone…trying to not lock self out of office while juggling phone, turning off heater etc.  Trying to get off phone… trying to get off phone.  OK…maybe now I need to reach back to my corporate no nonsense, no time wasting days, and just tell her to go away.

2:30pm grateful that office is so close to preschool.  Pickup Impossible Cuteness, who has had a wonderful happy day.  Am so grateful that kinesi has helped her to get past the separation anxiety and enjoy her time at this wonderful school.

3:00pm having collected assorted library bags, raincoats, school bags, reader bag, plastic container for rabbit food, school notices, someone else's umbrella (oops) we have finally made it back to the car.  Did it really just take 1/2 hour to do a simple school pickup??? How on earth will we ever get anything done when this is an every day occurrence EEEEkkkkkk!

3:45pm Made it back home past the semi trailers, nana-drivers, and other assorted road challenges.

4:00pm finally make it in the front door – just how long can it take to get out of the car and get inside???  Hmm…our record so far – 30 mins!!

Reconnect laptop to send/receive emails.  Unpack lunchbags – how does she get through a day on the minuscule amount she eats? Save leftovers for rabbits tomorrow - best fed rabbits ever – only the best certified organic, home made, whole foods for those rabbits.  Put away coats/bags/new buggy additions to family/say hi to cats (who don't like the bugs much).  Put on a load of washing.  Wash dishes from this morning's panic–run.

4:30pm Early dinner for Cuteness who is off to karate – in training to be Impossibly Cute AND Tough.

4:45pm Trying to be patient whilst explaining that really MUST wash hands before dinner, especially after playing with bugs/rabbits and who knows what else at preschool.  Got the Emotional Stress Release technique on standby…after all, mummy's on a detox, so no afternoon chocolate to keep the energy up.

5:00pm  Finally sitting down to a now-cold dinner.  Did it really take 1/2 hour to get ready for dinner????

5:01pm  Negotiations about watching TV whilst eating dinner.  Hmm….someone is tired, and its not me!  Well, ok, it is me, but I'm not the grumpy one.  Wondering how we're going to cope at karate tonight on a diet of chicken and no vegetables.  Manage to distract away from the idea of TV, but having trouble winning the debate on vegetables.  Wishing I was one of those parents who just said "Do as I say!!".  Balancing on that fine line of showing respect to my cuteness, whilst still being a strong firm mummy.  Yay for the fine line balancing act – got the veges in, and we're actually ready on time to leave for karate.

5:40pm  Hmm…haven't seen her go to the toilet since getting home from school.  Damn, knew I should've asked before we left the house.

5:50pm Rush inside Dojo to go to toilet for first time (apparently since LEAVING FOR SCHOOL THAT MORNING).  Wow, no wonder had trouble fitting those veges in!  Mental note: make sure to mention to teachers that she needs reminding to drink water whilst at school.  Are all 4 yr olds camels in disguise?  Hmmm…that might explain the temper!

6:00pm Oh.. love watching Impossible Cuteness in the karate class.  Smallest one there – but somehow holding her own, even though I'm positive she's feeling scared.  So proud that she's in there overcoming her fear after being hit at school numerous times a year ago (previous preschool – glad we're out of there).  So proud that this is her own choice, that even at such a young age she is learning to stand up for herself, and getting her sense of self back again after losing so much confidence.  And so grateful to my brother, who owns the Dojo, who has accepted her into the kids class even though she's still 6 months younger than their normal starting point.  Glad she has the focus to stay in the class and concentrate, even though I'm sure its a challenge for her being the youngest.

6:10pm  Uh Oh…what happened to that focus.  Impossible Cuteness is impossibly tired….such a fun, wonderful, exhausting day yesterday with a party at our house to welcome us back from interstate. Lots of emotions and excitement are taking their toll today.  She bows off the mat and we go home early from class.  So glad to be able to be gentle and kind when my little one is needing it.  So glad to be able to leave my own stuff behind and let her decide what is best for her.  (having seen dancing mums when I was younger, pushing their kids no matter what – am glad I don't need to go there now that I'm the mum).

6:40pm  Home again….a group hug with daddy who's arrived home whilst we were out.

6:45pm bathtime negotiations begin. Very glad hubby's home to be creative in dealing with tired little not so cuteness anymore.  Quick check of emails, work out what work needs to be done tonight, hangout that load of washing, sneak in a quick convo with hubby re who's making dinner and how to use up the rest of the party leftovers before they go off and/or green.

7:15pm  Snuggled up in bed reading bedtime stories.  LOVE LOVE this time of night (the bit after she's resigned herself to going to bed, and is feeling all snuggly and loveable).  Lights out, I cave into lying down beside her while she's going to sleep…afterall, I haven't had that chocolate to give me energy to keep going from that afternoon crash, and oops, there I go, asleep before she is.  Lucky for me being perched on the side of a single bed is not comfortable enough to let me sleep for long.  That and the thundering reverberations of her snores, wakes me in time to sneak in a quick shower and hair wash before dinner is ready (love not having to cook tonight).

8:00pm Clean, fresh and warm, and eating dinner in front of the tv with hubby.  Wow… how am I going to get back to work at this point???

9:00pm  Ok..come on…must do some work…after all, had almost no billable hours today.  Oh…what's this?  Some funny emails. Oh, and should check FB…oooh, Kasia wants a Day in the Life… ooooh, maybe I could do that instead of that boring old corporate work.

10:00pm Hmm… ok… so maybe I got a little distracted.  Lucky I'm a fast typist.

10:10pm oh… have reread my day, do I really want other people to read this?  Maybe I should edit – besides, she didn't ask me to write the next War and Peace!  And do I really want everyone else to know just how imperfect their resident kinesiologist is?  Probably not the best career move.  Maybe I'm a closet blogger!!?

10:15pm  Oh well… I'll let Kasia decide.

10:30pm Ok… focus… get some billable work done

Midnight Off to bed xx

Thank you Suzanne!! Lots of belly laughs there!! And for the record.. I didn't edit! I copied and pasted it, as it is your day and who am I to cut out stuff?


  1. phew...that wore me out reading it!

  2. OK - so that's embarrassing! I honestly didn't really think you were going to post as is {blush}.

    Oh well...so now everyone knows the real me (eeeek).

    How many followers do you have???

    xx S


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