{oh so grateful..} pajamas and pancakes..

Today I'm so grateful for our little family and our own little traditions.. One of my faves is Sunday morning pancakes which have now moved into pancakes in pajamas..

We've had pancakes almost every Sunday for the past two years and as the kiddos grow it just gets more wonderful. Little Lou now knows the recipe and quantities of everything and is fully hands on in making them.. Everyone has their preferred topping and everyone gets a nice full tummy to set them up for a busy Sunday.

Now that the munchkins are a little older, they might not sleep in longer but at least get the concept of a non rushed morning. We hang out in our PJ's and just take it easy.

Joining in with maxabella's grateful linkup over at Lemon Rhodes..

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  1. Thats beautiful Kasia, what a fab tradition, one I could very well adopt!


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