{a day in the life of..} Shan Sheard from missy melly & melly boys

Today I'd like to introduce you to an amazing woman and friend of mine Shan Sheard, owner and designer of Missy Melly and Melly Boys as well as owner of Absolute Balance Acupuncture. So lets pop over to Shan's house and see what she gets up to in a day...

  • Up at 5-5:30am, my girls like to get the worm..
  • Coffee/tea for me and milk for the girls while I make all the beds, empty the dishwasher and hang out the washing
  • Playing for a little while
  • Check emails/orders and add to my to do list while the girls eat breakfast
  • Housework – I try and get a quick job done now
  • Breakfast and a shower
  • Get the girls dressed
  • Decide what we’re doing for the morning and then out for an outing/errands/shopping – we always do something during the day like go for a walk, go to the park, or the beach, feed the ducks, playgroup
  • Lunch
  • The girls will have some quiet time/watch a DVD/listen to a CD/drawing/painting/playdough/reading while I do some sewing or cutting out
  • More playing
  • Housework, bring in the washing and put it away
  • Get dinner started -  the girls always “help” out in the kitchen
  • Out for a walk when hubby gets home
  • Dinner
  • Bath the girls and tidy up
  • Read them some stories
  • Settle them to bed
  • Put on the dishwasher and washing machine
  • A cuppa with my hubby
  • Sewing/cutting out fabrics
  • A little TV while I pack orders ready for posting
  • Bed – aaahhhhhh 
Here is a little taste of this years Spring/Summer range... stunning fabrics, beautiful timeless lines and oh my.. what gorgeous cherubs!! Love your work lovely lady!!

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