{oh so grateful..} for life's roller coaster..

The last few weeks have been pretty amazing... I made the decision to start applying for markets in hopes to get into one before Christmas and in the end, I was accepted to two and incited to one.. My head has been buzzing with excitement and I'm having a ball organizing everything for my stall set-up. If you are in Adelaide.. Here are the dates..

Business is going great and kasiabear designs is being featured in treasuries, on shopping guides and magazines.. its just lovely to see my little idea flourish and be embraced by everyone.. Thank You!! 
I've got my 'sew-jo' back and am sewing again which really makes me smile.

So this week I'd like to thank the universe for listening to my dream and allowing it to happen. I'm grateful for my wonderful customers. I'm grateful for super supportive friends and my kiddos which are loving all the fabric and vinyl scraps they get to play with. 

I've been a little neglectful of my gorgeous blog.. but I'll try and pop in more often.. 

Overall.. I'm just happy... busy busy.. but so super happy!!
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Joining in with Maxabella Loves grateful linkup.. 


  1. i am so grateful things are going so well for you too xxxxx

  2. I'm so pleased that your dream is becoming a reality,

    Happiest weekend Lovely You,
    Felicity x

  3. Super happy is super great! I'm so pleased for your success, Kasia.

    It's always a pleasure to see you. Yours' was one of the first blogs I ever followed - we go back a way these days!! x


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