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It's Loud Shirt Day today in Australia..

Loud Shirt Day is a fun one day event on Friday 21 October when you can wear your brightest clothes (love ‘em, hate ‘em, whatever) and raise money to help give the gift of sound and speech to deaf children. Whether you fancy stripes, florals, polka dots or paisley, as long as its got colour and pizzazz, it will be perfect for Loud Shirt Day.

I've put together all my fabric scraps and am taking them into the kids kinder today along with a couple of t-shirt templates for them to do a collage on. Just my way of getting involved and helping to spread the awareness of the day. 

Here are the pages I'm taking in.. feel free to print these off and share the love. If you are a sewer, pull out your fabric scraps and have some fun with the kids. 

These should print well.. but if you are having trouble shoot me and email and I'll be happy to email these to you. 

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  1. Loved the idea of wearing bright shirts for some charitable purposes. Fashion with a cause is never out of style.


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