{easter craft..} chocolates for our friends..

I'm slowly getting used to the concept of school holidays. So like many fellow mummas out there I've lined up a selection of craft activities to keep my little darling occupied. 

We spent the day today making chocolates for her and zaccy's friends at childcare for tomorrow and also for her teachers and our neighbours and friends. I made up some cards that say Happy Easter from Ella and Zaccy, printed them off, cut them to size and we popped a little bit of double sided sticky tape on each card and stuck an easter egg to it.

For the older folk we (I) added a bit of cointreou to the chocolate and we made little eggs and popped them in cello bags..

I'll try and pop up piccies of our other easter crafts before easter.. but no promises.. 

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  1. Love that you put alcohol in the adults ones ... just dont go getting them mixed up now! Have a wonderful easter x


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