{snippets} from the weekend.. a ton of sand..

 Finally.. a weekend where we didn't have to go anywhere, be anywhere and we could just get on with our stuff. The weather is cooling down, flies are dying off and I love being outdoors more than any other time during the year. The grass is getting green, the almond tree is dropping its leaves to let in more sun into our backyard and in general.. I just love autumn.

The big boy took off early on Saturday morning to get a couple of little jobs done and came back with a trailer load of sand.. yep.. a ton of sand.. literally. It took almost the rest of the day to get it moved to the backyard and a heap of belly laughs too. The kids were just having a ball. They played in the trailer, they had wheelbarrow rides and just loved the whole process of filling their little pit with sand. And mumma is overjoyed as its in direct view of the kitchen window so I can get on with things as the kids run a muck.

Today we continued on the backyard blitz and just hung out together as a family. I've been trying to clear out a heap of orders and move forward with a few projects I've been working on both at home and kasiabear wise so my online presence has been a little limited. It's amazing how much one can get done when the computer is off..

So although running a little late, this week I'm grateful..
{1} for the empty days in the diary just to enjoy everyday life..
{2} for gloriously sunny days that are not too hot..
{3} for the lack of flies..
{4} for belly laughs that i get from watching my monkeys..
{5} for my hubby who spontaneously buys a ton of sand for the kids..
{6} for fairy dresses,cowboy boots & Ella wearing them simultaneously..
{7} for the gorgeous girls who i've collaborated with this week..
{8} for maxabella loves for grateful saturdays..

joining in with {week-a-boo} & {point + shoot}


  1. I know exactly how much we get done when the comp is off! I had a little break this week and it was amazing. I realise that blogging is a past time and if you don't have the time to pass, we really shouldn't be here!

    I love all your gratefuls this week - especially belly laughs. Always grateful for those! x

  2. Autumn is just wonderful as are sandpits.
    What a wonderful weekend.

  3. There's nothing more fun than riding around in the wheelbarrow ;) Sounds like a great weekend x

  4. Your last sentence (in the third paragraph) says it all - now I'm officially getting off the computer for the night and back to reality!!


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