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I've been making a point of late to try and shop local and utilise some of the local resources available and be a part of my local community in some way. It wasn't a planned thing initially, it kind of just happened when Ella started kindergarten and I found myself wanting to put one of those cheesy 'mum's taxi' signs on my car. All of a sudden the driving, the drop offs and getting in and out of the car was getting a little much. 

I promptly cancelled a few appointments and got the diary out. I needed a plan of attack!! I decided that my regular travel time needed to be reduced and that we needed to do all the necessities locally. It's amazing what's around you when you open your eyes.. and I'm glad I did. Our regular travel time has now been streamlined and we now take longer trips to do cool things like visiting the zoo, botanic gardens and the museum. Soon, I think we might even start incorporating the public transport.. 

So this week I'm grateful for:
{1} our itty bitty local pizza shop.. 
I've made friends with the owner.. he makes a damn good pizza and even caramelises pumpkin and adds it to my veggo pizza.. 
{2} our local gift shop cafe..
such a lovely place to hang out.. coffee and food is great and its filled to the brim with little goodies.. 
{3} our local council.. 
one of the many services our council provides is an unlimited hard rubbish pick up.. you just call them, book in a date, pile up all the junk out the front of your place and they come the next morning and take it away.. thanks guys.. it was nice to see the pile go today!!
{4} ella's kindergarten..
its local.. it's a 3minute drive.. and its super lovely, the staff are fab and they now have a little incubator with eggs in it to watch baby chickens hatch.. 
{5} sunsets.. 
we've had some gorgeous ones of late, and now that they are a little earlier, they don't interfere with bath time.. and the kids go to bed a little easier.. 

what are you grateful for this week?? i'm joining in with maxabella loves.. you should too..


  1. Yay to spending less time in the car ! That's one of the reasons we moved :)
    Great post - have a lovely weekend, Dee x

  2. oh the pizza sounds wonderful! thanks for sharing!

  3. It sounds like your neck of the woods is a very nice neck indeed! Great idea to make friends with the pizza guy!! x


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