{quick three..} child friendly dinners..

Quite simply.. I'm sooo over cooking fantastic meals, to have my kids pick out what they want and leave 90% on their plate, to then dash to the fridge for a yoghurt. So from this day forward, I pledge to make cool food for them that they will eat and leave the fancy pants dinners for us big kids. When, they're ready, they can be big kids too.

So in saying that, I need to find kid friendly dinner and lunch options that are both easy for me to make, healthy and will be eaten by them. I don't have an issue with getting fruit into them.. its the veggies that let me down. With a bit of searching around, I've came up with my first three that I will try out on them. May the force be with me!!

{1} kid style sushi.. there are lots of variations you can have here.. and with brown bread and good fillings it might just work..
avocado and tuna sushi sandwiches..
sushi style rollups

{2} sneaky muffins.. I once had a theory.. that if you put it in a muffin they will eat it. So out comes the blender and its all going in a muffin. Veggie muffins here we come.
cheesy vegetable and ham muffins

{3} sneaky meatballs.. another food that is not rejected so in go more veggies than normal.. 

{image from here}

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Next weeks theme will be {ice cream}.. Easy peasy one next week.. what are your favourite flavours.. or do you make your own?

See you next week..

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