{new in my shop..} the vintage collection..

Introducing the {vintage collection}.. 
Although not quite complete, I just had to release this collection. I absolutely loved working on these designs as it bought back a lot of memories for me as far as photography equipment and cars I love.
These designs are all now available in my etsy store..
Available in sizes 0-16 in most styles and in an array of colour options.

Let's ride.. 
vintage girls and boys bike.. 
featuring a large vintage bicycle image centre front of the tee
bicycle cogs on the bottom and a small bike image on the sleeve.

Let's talk.. 
vintage telephone..

featuring a large black telephone image centre front
and small coloured telephones wrapping from front to back.

Let's take photos.. 
vintage cameras..

featuring four large vintage cameras on centre front of the tee.

Let's drive.. 
vintage car & ute..

featuring large vehicle images centre front of the tee.. 


  1. these are just gorgeous!!! love the one with the phones printed around the bottom :)

  2. They are absolutely beautiful, love all of them.


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