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Funnily enough I found it quite hard to pin point three gatdgets that I love. There really are just two, but the third is quite a big thing in the house purely because of the kids and the big kid.. so my three for this week is:

{1} Computer..  Macbook Pro to be specific..
Running and online business and a blog kind of makes this little gadget somewhat important to me. Most of my designs are also created on the computer so I guess it goes without saying, but this is also my chill out zone. I love playing with family photos, reading blogs and in general just looking at images, photos and hence my love of pinterest..

{2} iPhone..
I seriously have become far too reliant on this little guy. It holds so much information for me I think I would have a mild heart attack if I had to go back to another type of phone. Since upgrading to the 4 I have made a decision not to put any, well only a couple, of kids apps on this phone and keep it as 'mummy's work phone'. In saying this, I do have a heap of apps which would mainly fit into the productivity and photography categories.

The kids have the hand-me-down 3's for their apps, and oh my there are some absolutely awesome educational apps available. The little guy is into bugs, snakes and dinosaurs and the little miss into the fairies, princesses etc, so I've picked out a heap of apps that are educational, but fit into their areas of interest. They don't get onto the phone too much, probably a couple of times a week, but its nice to have the old phone that has only kid appropriate apps to hand to them, and know that they can't call China when you are not looking.

{3} The telly..
I hate the fact that I am listing this as one of my top three, as I'm not a TV watcher by any means. I love a couple shows but rarely get around to watching them. The TV does play a big part in our house and its even a part of our routine. My little man usually gets up super early (I'm talking 5am here) and seeing he is the docco watching type, I pop a docco on for him, he chills in his beanbag and has his milk, while I peal open my eyes and make myself a coffee and get brekky ready for everyone.

The telly stays on for a little while in the morning and then we have a TV free day. About 4pm when I want to get onto the housework and get dinner ready, it comes back on for the afternoon shows on ABC4kids.

So what are your 3 gadgets or pieces of technology that you can't function without?

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Next weeks theme will be {tv shows}.. I'll see if I can come up with three.. so I'd love to know what three tv shows you love and just cannot bare to miss?

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  1. Kasia, I do love this link every week !
    I'm like you.....if my iphone went missing or was broken....I think I would have a nervous breakdown.
    Happy Wednesday x


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