{oh so grateful..} for the power of me

A couple of years back we had a few quotes done on getting our roof restored, and if you've had a roof restoration done, you'll know its quite a hefty cost. There was one company that we weren't able to get a quote from, simply because my husband was not available to be at the appointment. Their reasoning for not quoting a roof restoration to just me was that they needed the man of the house to be present so a decision could be made. Hmm.. thanks for that!!

Last week that very company knocked on our door, asking if they again could quote on a roof restoration. I was blunt and honest and said "Yes, of-course you can, but my husband will not be present at the appointment. Is that alright?" The salesman stuttered all over the place, made the appointment for me. The morning of the appointment, I received a phonecall to say that a few people have called in sick and there won't be anyone available to come out today. Mind you, I was not offered another appointment time.

I really was amazed at the whole situation, and kind of peeved. I mean, far out!! I am the decision maker when it comes to stuff like this and it wouldn't have mattered if hubby was here or not. Hubby and I had a chat about putting in a solar system a couple of days later and decided that the roof DOES need to get done so we can move on the solar.

Then next day I booked a home consultation from the company that gave us the best quote last time and with the solar people so I could book it all in. I'm happy to say that the sales people came, quoted and I (that ME solo) booked the jobs in and next week, we are getting a new roof.

So, this week I'm grateful for:

{1} a hubby that trusts in my decisions and treats me as an equal..
{2} trust in myself to make the right decision being a woman and all..
{3} companies that are not sexist in who they quote big jobs to..
{4} the opportunity to paint the eaves (I kind of LOVE painting)
{5} my life.. it really is swell!!

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  1. How exciting! How rude of that other company not to quote to you without your husband, then knock on the door, and then not show up! Their loss, obviously! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!

  2. oh ! This one of my pet peeves.....I'm sure you can imagine how many times we've been ignored or given crappy service because our 'husbands' weren't there. Grrr !
    But, yay for you ! and your husband.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dee x

  3. The cheek in this day and age! That attitude would mean I would never book them and I would tell at least 50 people not to book them either!

    I had the plumber out last week and he was all "oh, you're probably not interested in seeing the job, but get your husband to call me if he wants me to talk him through it". I informed him very curtly that I would indeed like to look at the job and as a matter of fact I might have a few questions to ask about his work.

    Good luck with the roof. We are very aware that ours probably needs replacing too but, oh shudder, the cost! x


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