{oh so grateful..} for the handmade community..

I've always loved art, craft and making my own things. It's so wonderful to see the handmade community grow so much and handmade becoming a wonderful, original and beautiful option for everything from clothing, toys, jewellery to kitchenware. It's no longer looked as as second best but rather.. better than the standard commercial items.

I love being a part of the handmade community and am amazed each day how encouraging and supportive the people within it are.

So this week, I'm oh so grateful for being a part of this community.. for being able to make and create my own clothing range and being able to turn this love into a business that helps support my family.

Joining in with Maxabella Loves.. you should too!

{image from family fun via pinterest}


  1. I love the wearers of clever crafty clogs. Not only are they inspiring and unique, they are also the most loving, supportive blog community going. x

  2. Yay for Handmade, i've been doing it, supporting my family by sewing from home while raising 4 children for a decade, it's the most wonderful experience & opportunity, i'm never going back to the real world, love Posie


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