{oh so grateful..} for steve irwin..

I never met Steve, nor visited Australia Zoo, or even stepped foot on Queensland soil for that fact, but this guy has brought many belly laughs into my life. Many of them were while I was living in the states and everyone.. and I mean e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e would ask me to say "oh crikey". I never really got into the whole Crocodile Hunter fad when it was big, but recently.. things have changed.

I wrote a few weeks back, about my little man having a slight obsession with documentaries and this by no means has changed. What has changed however is that Steve's little girl's DVD's are now a big hit with both my kids. Zac gets to watch all the animals and Steve interacting with them in such an amazing way and Ella just loves  Bindi and her tree house.

I as a mother love watching the Irwin family and how they interact with each other. We're kind of the flipped version of the Irwins. I'm from Australia and hubby is the one from the States and rather than my hubby being into animals he's into fish and plants.. with as much enthusiasm as Steve was into animal conservation. My heart goes out to little Bindi as I know how much of a part my hubby plays in my daughters life and if she ever lost him, I'm not sure that she'll be able to cope as Bindi has.

So this week I'm grateful for
{1} my hubby and the amazing relationship he has with my little girl..
{2} steve irwin for being himself and following his passion..
{3} the irwin family for being such an amazing example of what family can be..
{4} my kids for taking interest in their dad's passions of gardening and fish..
{5} my awesome family.. each one a little different yet still respectful of eachother..

joining in with maxabella loves.. you should too..


  1. Gorgeous Kasia. My son is just getting into animals and docos {obsessed with Meerkat Manor} but since shifting we can't get our DVD playing working properly! When it does we must look into Steve's series. Love your 5 Gratefuls! x
    P.S Love the new look too and already updated my Quick 3 sidebar button!

  2. Awesome post Kasia x
    We used to live half an hour away from Australia Zoo and the loss of Steve Irwin was huge. My heart just broke for Terri and the kids, but WOW they are amazing.
    Have a great weekend with your lovely family x

  3. I was amazed at how much Steve Irwin's death affected me, I never saw it coming. I was never a huge fan, always thought he was a bit quirky, but it was a very sad day for the animals & conservation the day he left.

  4. I was always a huge Steve fan... everyone thought I was just the daggiest thing ever until they started to appreciate him after his death. I just thought that if we could all be as passionate and enthusiastic about life then the world would be totally rocking! x


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