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I really could be classified as one of those types that don't watch telly.. perhaps if I had a telly that looked like this, then I'd look at it more. I watch one telly show a week (if allowed) and then it's the kids and dad that use up the rest of the telly time. 

My hubby and I made the decision not to have any adult telly on while the kids are around. So in our house its pretty much dvd's and abc4kids 90% of the time. So jumping right to it.. these are the shows that I like.. 

{1} Better Homes and Gardens
This is mummy's show for the week. The kids know that on Friday mum watches telly and have finally accepted this and no longer fight me on it.. yaaay!!

{2} Tinga Tales
Yes yes.. its a kids show but when it comes on in the mornings, I generally stop and watch it.. it's just cool and Zaccy loves to snuggle up and watch it with me.. as normally it's only me and him that are up. 

{3} Poko
Yep.. another kids show.. I think the main reason I like it is that reminds me to stop and enjoy the moment of a hug with the saying "hug a monkey, hug it tight.. hug it till you feel alright". Since picking up on this line, anytime I'm feeling a bit crappy I grab one of the kiddos and give them a big squeezy hug and say.. 'hug a monkey, hug it tight.. hug it till you feel aright". They have now stopped giving me funny looks when I do it and give me smiles instead.. and usually a pat on the head. 

So that's me.. What are your fave telly shows.. please tell me I'm not the only mum that actually likes the kid's shows!

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Next weeks theme will be {favourite breakfast food}.. I'll see if I can come up with three.. so I'd love to know what three tv shows you love and just cannot bare to miss?

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  1. Sorry, no kids tv shows here.....but that would be weird right ???
    I'm a big fan of Better Homes and Gardens too.
    Loved your grateful Handmade post too x

  2. I love watching Better Homes & Gardens. I think my husband does too, as he always flips the channel to that so 'I' can watch it. A nice way to wind down after the week. It's a nice way to ease into weekend mode.

    I need Home and Away to unwind after work and stop and eat (although that's bad right, to eat & watch tv, opps).

    My 3rd is maybe the Mentalist. Patrick Jane is just so likable (& hot). Although I don't see it every week, I try not to make time for tv, if I'm busy, I just miss it.

  3. How cute are
    you?? My kids
    are 12 and 16,
    so the days of
    kiddy shows have
    sailed. Here in
    the U.S. I love
    HGTV, which is
    probably like BHG,
    but don't watch it
    much due to time
    constraints. I
    miss those kiddy shows
    mainly for the cuddles.
    xx Suzanne


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