a bit of saturday sharing..

a couple of my close friends have just had little baby girls.. which of course made me think about what to make for them.. and then the colours and of course the first one that comes to mind when thinking of a little girl is pink... funny that, as before having my little princess i hated pink and i really mean 'hated'... I specifically told everyone not to buy pink for my little girl and went with red and all things 'lady bug' instead.. but that was me.. and not many people listened so my little girl still got her dose of pink..

my little angel is now three and a half and has her own favourite colours.. which just happen to be pink and purple.. so for all the little girls out there.. i give in.. here is a pink segment on the kasiabear blog..

here are just some of the gorgeous pinkness i found on etsy..

1. Owl Cushion - fongstudio
2. Ring Sling - babyette
3. Beanie - lilycrochet
4. Apple Note Card - novachix
5. Baby Slippers Pattern - sweatpeapatterns
6. DIY Elephant - diyfluffies


  1. What an adorable collection of pink!! Thank you so much for including one of my baby shoe patterns in this super sweet collection!

  2. So cute! Thank you for including my elephant pattern!


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