kiddy art..

With a house full of creative people in one way or another we have and endless supply of cool art supplies and now the kids are starting their very own cool stash. I can't resist buying new things for them that expands their imagination and creativity.

Now this was an amazing find... at this stage its in my stash but used each time the kids get creative.. its an alphabet stamp where you can move the letters to create the text of your choice.. I use it to name and date the kids artworks and think it looks so much nicer than my handwriting on their works of art..

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i'd love to see what other cool stuff is out there as far as kids art tools
and i'd love to see what creative adventures your kids are up to..
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  1. Cool! I remember those stamps from infant school in the seventies! I think the librarians used them to stamp our book due dates. I would love to have one... do they still make them or is the one you found vintage?

    I don't even know why I want to own one... I just do! Do you get like that with things sometimes? Oh, and what do you do with all those neatly stamped artworks? I am positively drowning in creativity at my place!!! x

  2. I found this little guy on etsy (of course).. It's called kawaiiithings.. Just a warning.. There are some fantastic things there..

    I keep a few of the artworks.. And photograph the rest to eventually make some photobooks for the kids..

    Would love to see some of your kids artwork in kiddy art!!

  3. I love my date stamp (you can get those ones at the newsagents maxabella) but this one with letters too is VERY VERY cool!!

    I meant to join in last week, but didn't quite get to it. This week I made it....just.

  4. oh my, I LOVE that & now I have to have one!
    isn't it funny the things we see & just need to have.
    love your blog.

  5. i know.. its kind of scary..

    i just saw something else (that is now sitting in my etsy cart) that i now NEED, when i went to look up the name of the shop i got this stamp from..

  6. I love your stamp, such a great idea, I am sick of writing down all the details - so easy to forget to do, half the time I make the date up afterwards, or just do the month and year. I want one now, too!


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