{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

Another action packed weekend here at the kasiabear household.. the weather was glorious once again so we spent most of the weekend outside.. the kids played with every single toy that lives outside.. and a few more became outside toys too. We sorted out all the sand toys and I sorted out my plastic's cupboard and added a few more into their little compartments... I got my good old push mower out and the kids chased me around till the grass (green weeds) was mowed..

On Sunday we had a visit from auntie gen and cisco so the kids had a ball chasing the dog around while me and auntie gen painted dads trailer.. Ella of course came and helped out a little and turned into a blue alien till we got the turps out.. I got to sneak in a bit of work on the computer and finished another couple of t-shirt designs.. all in all a fantastic, productive, fun filled weekend..

here are some snaps..


mummy's little helper.. 

i love this smile.. 

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  1. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??????? At last someone who does cool funky kids clothing for boys WITHOUT skulls everywhere!!!! I too live in Adelaide & we certainly had gorgeous weekend weather - we had friends over yesterday for a lazy long lunch - it was just delightful!!

  2. Oh the weather has just been glorious! Love your photo's the kids are having such fun. We took advantage of the great outdoors too :-) Joined in both - take a peek :-)

  3. Lovely photos! i too have 1 of those gyms, my little boy keeps entertained for hours on it.

  4. Simple kid fun...and I love it!!!
    And....my gorgeous kasiabear products arrived today...and I love them! THANK YOU...the shirt is perfect and the hair tie for Ella is divine! And thanks for the matching card....LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
    Have a great week Kasia xo

  5. Great photos .............makes me wish I was a kid again (for the 100th time again today) LOL xox

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Fantastic pictures!


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