Its been another productive, full and fun filled week over at the kasiabear household..

Mondays is my work day where I squeeze in as much as I possibly can while the kiddies are off at kindy hanging out with their buddies.. this week it was all about wood and boy stuff. The big boy bought home literally a truckload of wood he has been salvaging from a house which will soon be knocked down completely. So needless to say it needed to find a home out of the way.. so that was me on Monday.. lugging and sorting 3-4m lengths of jarrah and other heavy wood.. ouch!!

Tuesday is my work free day where I focus on my little monkeys and monkeys only.. we went along to junior-gym where I caught up with a couple of our mums group girls and wore out the kiddies at the same time.. then we hung out.. did some art.. some painting.. some play-dough sculptures.. played with five metres of bubble wrap and a box.. picked the last few oranges off our tree.. we ate jelly.. we weeded some of the flower beds, it was a nice, simple fun filled day really..

Wednesday is mummy and Ella day where I get my little princess all to myself and we do girl stuff.. the morning started off with girl-power action in dads workspace.. cleaning up after the drop off of wood and organising him a little.. then we went on a little adventure to ikea with Ella's friend Em... had ice cream, then I hung out with Em and Chloe while their ma picked up Mr T and then I got to have a coffee with a bit of grown up conversation thrown in.. Then off to get our bubba boy..

Thursday is mummy and Zaccy day where I get my hunky spunky little monkey all to myself and we do fun stuff.. It was a miserable day as far as weather goes so we got out almost all the toys a boy would want throughout the day.. we drew with chalk.. we painted.. we made play-dough sculptures again.. we drew.. we stamped and my boy said his first phrase.. plane goes wooooooooo... which just melted my heart.. I love planes and his room has a plane theme going on. My ongoing joke is that he can be anything he wants when he grows up as long as he's a pilot... so anyhow it was just so very sweet and special.

Friday is another work day and in the morning I take off and to my course where at the moment I am working through a few pants patterns and am learning how to alter patterns.. I then had a little stop over at Spotlight to buy some oh-so-pink fabric for a dance costume I am making for a friends daughter.. then a full afternoon of sewing and back to being ma..

Saturday was oh so hideous outside so the rainy day activities came out.. art, art and more art.. bubbles.. play-dough.. chalk.. and a bit of fun with torches making shadow puppets and a light show with the coloured lights... then tents.. and the bag of 100 balls.. and blocks.. The big one made a whole lotta noise outside angle grinding his trailer and we made a whole lotta noise inside with a vacuum cleaner and two swivel sweepers going at the same time.. I so love doing the housework with my babies.. they make it so much fun!! I finished the day off with a trip to the laundromat to dry the six loads of washing I did throughout the day.. it was lovely though.. one of my beautiful friends came along with me.. we got a good take away coffee on the way and we sat back and had a good old chat whilst the washing was going for a spin.

Sunday.. fathers day.. we don't do a great deal in our household to celebrate calendar celebrations, but we still had a beautiful day with dad.. Ella got to go for a spin to Bunnings where she got her face painted and me and Zaccy took off to the bakery to get lunch.. all the art stuff came out again and the angle grinder went for another spin. The big boy had a lovely day.. he got his magnets for his van, he got to sleep in, he got to play with boy tools and he got to spend some quality time with his monkeys..

So here is a little visual of our week..

joining in with scissors paper rock.. 

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  1. Awww I loved reading about your week :) Gosh, you're a busy gal!
    Love your photos....isn't it amazing how much fun a good ole' cardboard box can bring to children ;o) CLASSIC!
    Thanks for joining in!
    Have another fabulous week!


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