fathers day..

in our household we don't make a big thing of the generic calendar holidays or special days such as valentines, mothers day, fathers day etc.. birthdays are the days we put the effort into.. that's just us though..

we do try to do something little and special however and try to keep it to handmade from the heart.. so here is a little selection of goodies the big one gets this year.. oh and of course he gets his sleep in..

these are our little artworks we made at home..
in true truck driving style.. not that my husband drives one anymore
he likes magnets of the family to hang up in the cab
so here are a few magnets we made up with the kids..
a little breakfast tray ella made at kindy for daddy..

a tie and handprint zaccy made for daddy at kindy.. 

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  1. Looks like he'll have a fantastic day. I can't imagine getting better presents than those. x


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