kiddy art..

We did some girly things with Ella on mummy and Ella day this week.. we played with these little plastic tubes from ikea she got for her birthday a little while ago. They've been on the to do list for over 6 months, but with a toddler running around the house most days it just never seemed like the right time as they are far too much of a choking hazard.

We finally got into them last week and they were everywhere... the idea is to make patterns and shapes you like then melt them together with a hot iron.. It was such great fun.. I think this will become a regular activity when my little guy is not around..  

some colourful bits of plastic from ikea..
little hands.. 
hot iron.. melting.. bracelet..

what did you and your kiddies get up to??
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see you next week..


  1. I love those beads that you can melt together :) I use them at school with my class...such a neat idea! I've added my week-a-boo link to the linky because it shows in picture what we got up to with Ella on the weekend ;o) I will join in again next week & link it to you :)
    Have a great week xo

  2. They look like fun, my Little Miss 4 would love these (when the baby is asleep, I agree with you!)

  3. Don't know where my comment went, so I will make another one. I love the plastic beady things, they would be popular around here too - as long as the baby was asleep.

  4. how cool! my Daughter would love theses.


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