my creative space..

This week has certainly been a creative one as far as my little monkeys are concerned.. but my creative space has been a bit more productive as far as numbers.. letters and words are concerned. 

I was very excited to get my new iPhone last week.. only to discover I had to get a new operating system for my mac so that they would be friends.. so needless to say.. my little workhorse has been at the docs and is now a lean, mean, working machine again.. and is now mates with his new counterpart.. the iPhone.. far out!! I thought kids were hard..

Another fun little thing I have been up to.. seeing there is no Australian standard for clothing sizing as such, I have been trying to come up with a sizing chart for the kasiabear label.. fun fun, but its almost done so I can actually get creative in my creative space.. 

So hence the pic of the jelly... my most creative bit of work for the week.. jelly animals we tried to make with the kids.. which just turned out as red jelly blobs and tasted rather delicious.. 

till next week.. get inspired over at kootoyoo...

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