{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

what can i say.. i love rubber ducks.. 

What a week.. weather wise it was all over the place.. we had thunder storms.. rain.. branches falling off our tree to gorgeous weather then back to rain then glorious weather again.. at least the rest of the week was pretty much as normal. 

We had fun, we had the usual dose of tanties and many belly laughs and hugs. I got some work done, managed to squeeze in some sleep and I got some special time in with both of my monkeys.. 

The highlight, as it only happens once a year, was the Adelaide Royal Show.. I must say it was the most enjoyable one to date. I had the backup of some great friends and the kids just had an absolute ball.. Ella had her first ride on the ferris wheel and continued with combating her fear of all things animal and Zac and I went on the teacup ride and he just ran riot.. 

Here is a little pictorial of our day at the show.. 

zaccy's first carnie experience.. he even managed to con a carnie
into giving him a larger prize than he won.. 
it was all about the fish.. so ells had a go too..
she only got a crappy doll that fell apart within an hour..
zac torturing chickens..
ella cuddling chickens..
zaccy snuck into pat the cows.. no fear!!
he looks far to comfortable behind the wheel.. 
my highlight was watching zaccy and his god momma bond over
watching ute precision driving.. he clapped.. he blew kisses
and he nodded off a couple of times to the roar.. xx
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  1. yayeeeee duckies n chickens n cows n precision driving team!!!!!

  2. Oh my...what a fun filled weekend! Love the photos of the fishing fun & the baby chicks...so sweet ;)
    Have a lovely week xo

  3. Great Photos! Looks like you had a fab weekend x

  4. Lovely pics! Thanks for playing along. I looking forward to seeing more tomorrow. x


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