a little bit of saturday sharing..

a little while ago on my trip to melbourne, i picked up a gorgeous old typewriter in a junk store.. it works great.. its small and compact and i love it.. there is only one thing that could make it even better.. and that is it being red..
my little remington.. i love you..
so here is my little dedication to all things typewriter and red.. 

1. typewriter print - skippydesigns 
2. love writer print - dekanimal 
3. right left type earrings - alamodestuff
4. love type invites - idoityourself 
5. typewriter illustration - michelemaule 
6. typewriter birds note card set - colespic


  1. I love typewriters - very tempted to sneek my Grans! :-)

  2. do it!! before someone else snags it!!

    they are just soo cool.. only thing is i can't find the ribbon for mine so have to use carbon paper..

  3. I absolutely love this collection. Nicely curated! Thank you for including my earrings.

    Off to tweet about it now!

  4. I linked back to you on my blog today! Thanks again! http://www.alamodestuffblog.com/2010/09/whats-new-this-week-at-alamode-where.html


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