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I am putting up with a very very sore back today, shooting pains down my leg and the works, so trying to get a few little things ticked off the to-do list till my magical chiro makes my body work again.. 

With a couple of wholesale orders and over 30 t-shirts to print in the next week.. I am tweaking my printing board a little and putting in these new clamps which have been waiting patiently for me for a couple of months now. 

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  1. oh ouch.....poor poor up sweet one & may the chiro perform their magic REALLY soon!!! Good luck with the print tweaking!!! I am so badly wanting to order some gear for my ever growing soon to be 9yo boy - you do stuff for older kids as well don't you?? TK xx

  2. Thanks Tiffany!! looking forward to the chiro.. soooo much!!

    At this stage all the tee's I have are available in sizes 0-16 kids. I normally only stock up to a size 6, so larger sizes just take a little longer.

    I am getting lots of orders so seem to be putting in a t-shirt order once a week so the wait wouldn't be too long. Feel free to email me on and I can send you detailed info on what tee's in what sizes and colours are available.


  3. Hope your back pain is fixed soon. Yay to wholesale orders, fantastic stuff!


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