at my house..

It's all about organisation at our place at the moment.. it looks like a small bomb has hit outside as everything is getting a good scrub and a new home.. me being the 'king pin' as my hubby refers to me.. I am in charge of the family and all the happenings around here. This also means organising everyone and running a huge to-do list.. hmmm..

Well seeing there are four beings in the house and only one 'king pin' I need everything on paper as the baby brain has now turned to mumma brain and not much stays in there.. the sleep deprivation doesn't help either.. but hey.. that's life..  

I picked up some clip boards at officeworks the other day and they now have a new home in our laundry with a personal to-do list for each being.. I have school enrolments, activity enrolments, doctor checkups, dentist visits etc all listed and as they get booked they go into the diary.. the system is working great so far.

I think a few more of these will need to make their way to my house for when my little workspace is all set up for orders, invoices etc.. 

see whats happening at other peoples houses here.. 


  1. these are a great that whole look!

  2. They look great hanging up there together. Yes, the mummy brain and sleep deprivation aren't always a wonderful combination. I'm sure I used to have a well functioning brain ;)

    All the best with the new organisation and thanks for joining in this week. Great to visit your house. Lou.

  3. I'm loving this idea..... lots of potential there..... you have got my sleep deprived mumma brain moving with some ideas on how i can better organise our home. I love organisation and it has been severely lacking recently! thanks for a great tip!

  4. I love your clipboards and other creative makings!! Happy New Year!


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